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Training tip

Moko is shaking hands with me

Moko is shaking hands with me

Loose-lead walking

Q – I’ve been working on the ‘Red Light’ (stop when the lead goes tight) and ‘Green Light’ (walk forward when lead is loose) and rewarding my dog with a treat when she’s walking nicely next to me. But she just quickly grabs the treat, then immediately dashes forward and starts pulling again. What can I do?

A – Have her ‘Sit’ frequently. When you’ve asked her to come back to you after the lead went tight and she’s back in position next to you, ask for a ‘Sit’ and reward the ‘Sit’. Stay with the ‘Sit’ for a moment (vary the duration) and you can sometimes give her another treat or two while she’s sitting. Then use your ‘Let’s Go’ cue to start moving again. Also frequently stop while walking, ask for a ‘Sit’, and reward that. This will help your dog to want to stick with you more rather than pull ahead.

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New puppy?

Puppy named Squid

Puppy named Squid

Having a new puppy can be an overwhelming experience. 

From constantly nipping the children or chewing all your belongings to barking at strangers and squirming when you want to handle your puppy - it can get a bit much. 

Let me help you! I can show you how to handle the most common puppy 'issues' and how to work with your puppy to prevent problems from occurring later on. Find out how dogs learn and be empowered to continue training even after your puppy has graduated from class.  

This is the most crucial time in your puppy's development and just one bad experience can affect your puppy for life. Learn how to make sure your puppy's experiences are positive ones so your puppy grows up to be a relaxed and confident dog.

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Behaviour advice 

On-lead greetings

A lot of dog owners think that their dog should like — and want to greet — every dog she meets when out on a walk. In reality, many dogs don’t really want to meet (or shouldn’t meet other dogs). My advice is that dogs generally shouldn’t be meeting on lead.

Potential risks and behaviour issues associated with on-lead greetings include that you don’t know the other dog, it can reinforce pulling on lead, leads can get tangled causing reactivity, and the way dogs approach each other when on lead is often not polite in terms of dog-etiquette and can lead to altercations.

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