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Canine nose work

New updated course

Discover the new fun search and scenting sport  

Inspired by working Detection (Sniffer) dogs, it harnesses a dog’s natural ability to use his nose to find hidden scents. Dogs just love it. The search becomes a fun ‘game’ for both the dog and the human.

Dogs often start searching for treats or a toy to build love for the search, hunting drive, and search skills. Then your dog will learn to recognise, discriminate, and search for a specific target odour. In the New Zealand sport, these are currently Clove Bud oil (first) and Birch oil (second).

There will also be monthly training meets for teams that have completed the Introduction to Nose Work (odour) course to cement their training and to practice search skills in different environments.

The sport is huge overseas and is rapidly growing in New Zealand.

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Puppy class now open to puppies from age 7 weeks

Puppy named Squid

Puppy named Squid

Having a new puppy can be an overwhelming experience. 

From nipping the children or chewing your belongings to barking at strangers and squirming when you want to handle your puppy - it can get a bit much. 

Let me help you! I can show you how to handle the most common puppy 'issues' and how to work with your puppy to prevent problems from developing later on. Find out how dogs learn and be empowered to continue training even after your puppy has graduated from class.  

This is the most crucial time in your puppy's development and just one bad experience can affect your puppy for life. Learn how to make sure your puppy's experiences are positive ones so your puppy grows up to be a social and confident dog.

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‘No more shock’ discount

Say 'No more' to your dog’s shock collar and get a discount

Please say ‘No’ to shock/bark collars and electronic fences. I offer a 15% discount on your initial behaviour consultation in exchange for surrendering your currently used shock collar to me.

There is no credible scientific evidence to justify e-collar use and the use of spray collars or electronic fences for dogs. On the contrary, there are many reasons to never use these devices. Better training options exist, with proven efficacy and low risk.

Studies show increased fear and stress in dogs trained with shock collars. And it is possible for dogs to associate this with things other than the behaviour being punished, for example with the trainer, the location of the training, or (in the case of boundary fences) with people or dogs who happen to be walking by.

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