Tackle your dog's problem behaviours, start your puppy's education, and enjoy new activities with your dog

Need help because your dog is pulling on lead, barking at other dogs, not coming when called, or chewing your belongings? Want to give your puppy the best possible start in life or just have fun with your dog? See my services for solutions. 

Puppy classes


Raise a confident, happy, and social puppy with good manners and impulse control.

Designed to make your life with your new puppy easier.  Know what to expect raising a puppy and how to prevent problems from occurring along the way.

This is a 6-session revolving course, so you can start your puppy as soon as she has completed at least two vaccinations plus one week and as long as she is not older than 16 weeks.

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Dog training

I help you change your dog's problem behaviour, train new skills, or teach good manners. 

You can get me to train your dog or I can coach you to do it. I'll tailor training solutions to the needs of you and your dog. 

I use reward-based training methods.

My aim is for people to enjoy living with a well-mannered dog. 

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Canine Nose Work NZ


Discover Canine Nose Work NZ - the new fun search and scenting sport for all types of dogs.

Inspired by working detection (Sniffer) dogs, this easy-to-learn activity satisfies your dog’s natural mental and physical needs.

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Group classes


Group dog training classes covering special topics such as good manners, impulse control, recall, and loose-lead walking. 

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Dog walking


Personalised exercise for your dog 

  • Individual attention - I walk only one dog at a time. If you have two dogs and they walk well together, I may take them both on request at a small additional charge.
  • Safe and controlled - On-leash walking only
  • Brisk walking tempo for physical exercise
  • Professional, qualified dog trainer

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