Learn more about dogs – Canine body language quiz

How fluent are you in dog-speak? Would you recognise if a dog is feeling relaxed or showing signs of stress? When two dogs meet, would you know from their body language if they are about to play or have a fight? Is it safe to approach a dog? Check out a series of photos and select from multiple-choice answers.

Take the quiz to find out! The correct answers are at the bottom of the quiz.


1.  What is this dog showing us?

A:  A bluff: A lip curl to show teeth, but without real intent to do harm

B:  An aggressive and serious warning to back off

C:  A playful snarl that just looks tough

D:  A grimace of fear and nervousness


2. What is this puppy telling us about her feelings?

A:  Frustrated fighting with the leash handler

B:  Submissively pleading with the leash handler

C:  Stubbornly ignoring the leash handler

D:  Fearfully balking at the leash handler


3. What is this boxer telling the finger-pointing human?

A:  Guilty about something and knows it

B:  Curious but a little nervous

C:  Fearful and on the defensive

D:  Fearful avoidance of the human


4.  What can a yawn mean?

A:  Yawns always mean a dog is sleepy.

B:  Yawns can mean a dog is mocking you.

C:  Yawns can help release stress and nerves.

D:  Yawns can mean a dog is sad or depressed.


5.  What signals are these two dogs giving one another?

A:  Dominant and submissive play signals

B:  Nervous and alert warning signals

C:  Energetic but respectful play signals

D:  Fearful and possibly aggressive warning signals


6.  How is this dog feeling about being hugged?

A:  Relishing the cuddles

B:  Displeased and uncomfortable

C:  Relaxed and content

D:  Frightened


7.  What is this dog's panting face telling us?

A:  Hot but happy

B:  A little stressed

C:  Excited

D:  Very relaxed

Dog body language quiz correct answers

1. B
2. D
3. D
4. C
5. C
6. B
7. A