Raise a social and confident puppy with good manners and life skills

This 5-week puppy class plus bonus ‘Puppy 101’ session offers plenty of positive socialisation experiences for your puppy in a safe environment. You’ll both have fun learning while building a great relationship.

The bonus ‘Puppy 101’ session helps you with the most common puppy priorities from house-training and chewing to nipping or jumping up. Understand your puppy better, know what to expect, and learn how to prevent behaviour problems from developing in the future.

Led by an experienced dog trainer using force-free and science-based methods.

About the puppy class


Day/time: Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Location: 120 Robert Street, Whangarei
Entry: 7 - 13 weeks (or at discretion). Your puppy must have at least one vaccination plus 10 days.
Start dates: 'Open Enrolment', so you can start your puppy at any time
Cost: $ 120.00 per puppy (Includes ‘Puppy 101’ session without puppy, 5 sessions with your puppy, and a comprehensive handbook)
Payment: Must be received in advance (online) or cash on the day. You will get an invoice before your first session.
Registration: Essential - register online 
When to register: As soon as you get your puppy or even before – Attend your ‘Puppy 101’ session right away so you can work with your puppy at home until you’re ready to start class.
Puppy safety: The training area is disinfected before each class. Humans wipe their shoes and puppies put their paws on a mat with disinfectant before entering. Puppies must be healthy and feeling well to attend (e.g., no runny tummy or ‘under the weather’ etc.). Play sessions are facilitated and closely monitored, and play mates are matched by size and play style. 

What you and your puppy will learn

Help your puppy

  • Become more comfortable around other puppies, people, and new sights, sounds, and smells

  • Build a positive relationship with you and learn that training and working with you is great fun

  • Learn basic good manners and life skills

Find out how to

  • Manage common puppy 'issues' and how to give your puppy positive socialisation experiences

  • Work with your puppy, making training fun

  • Understand your dog better

  • Prevent behaviour problems developing later on

Benefits of the puppy class

The class is designed to make your life with your new dog easier. It will help you raise a dog you will enjoy living with.

  • By having the know-how of what to expect and what your puppy needs to learn you can prevent problems before they arise.

  • You will be able to use your understanding of how dogs learn and your basic training skills to continue your puppy’s education throughout your dog’s life.

It sets your puppy up for life.

  • Positive socialisation experiences, especially before your puppy reaches about 14 weeks are incredibly important for your puppy’s development and future success as member of your family.

  • Early introduction to basic good manners and how to live in a human world set the foundation blocks of learning for your puppy to build on.

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