Discover Canine Nose Work, the new fun search and scenting sport for all types of dogs. 

What is Canine Nose Work?

Canine Nose Work is a fast growing search and scenting dog sport. Inspired by working Detection (Sniffer) dogs, it harnesses a dog’s natural ability to use his nose to find hidden scents.

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Dogs just love it. The search becomes a fun ‘game’ for both the dog and the human. You can search with your dog almost anywhere you can take dogs – indoors, outdoors, and even around vehicles.

Your dog will learn to recognise, discriminate, and search for a specific target odour. In the New Zealand sport, these are currently Clove Bud oil (first) and Birch oil (second). Dogs then build love for the search, hunting drive, and search skills.

The sport is huge overseas and is rapidly growing in New Zealand. Nose work trials are now being held around the country and a national nose work association is in the process of being formed now.

Upcoming courses

Introduction to Nose Work - Odour

4 weeks. Dogs learn to recognise, discriminate, and search for a target odour (Clove Bud oil) and have fun searching. Sessions include a mix of short lectures, demos, practical work with the dogs individually as well as in a group situation, watching the other dogs search, and video.

The target odour (clove bud oil) is in the small metal container

The target odour (clove bud oil) is in the small metal container

Date: Next course will be scheduled soon
Cost: $130 per person - includes an odour starter pack
Payment: Must be received in advance (online) or cash on the day. You will get an invoice before your first session.
Bookings: Essential (small groups)

  • Dogs must be comfortable and not reactive to other dogs and humans when working/learning in close proximity. (Reactive dogs would need to be accommodated by individual arrangement or in a different course).

  • All dogs entering the training facility must be up to date with vaccinations

  • No prior dog training or dog sport experience required

Monthly training meets

Teams that have completed the Introduction to Nose Work (odour) course meet once a months with me to cement their training and to practice search skills in different environments. Each meet has a different theme and focus.

Dates: Vary - Next session Sunday 3 November 2019
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 am
Location: Various indoor and outdoor locations in the Whangarei area
Cost: Currently free

What’s so great about Nose Work

Newton searches a vehicle

Newton searches a vehicle

  • It makes dogs very happy because it satisfies their natural instinct to use their nose

  • The activity increases the ‘feel-good’ hormones in the dog’s brain helping dog to feel more happy and relaxed

  • Dogs easily burn mental and physical energy – it provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy even for dogs in old age or with disabilities

  • No prior training or dog sport experience required easy-to-learn activities

  • Suitable for virtually all dogs, even for socially challenged, shy and fearful, ageing, or disabled dogs (dogs search one at a time)

  • Builds confidence and focus in many dogs

  • Strengthens bonds between you and your dog

  • You can search almost anywhere without the need for equipment

My Nose Work experience

  • Detector Dog Training workshop Held by Northland Regional Council on training pest plant detection dogs with John Taylor, Invercargill, 20 and 21 April 2018

  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, School of Scent Sports, Developing Advanced Nosework Skills online course in October/November 2017

  • Detection dog training workshop by Guus Knopers, K9 Training (NZ), February 2016

  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, School of Scent Sports, Introduction to Nosework online course in September 2015

  • ‘Super Sniffer’ training workshop by international scent detection work expert Debby Kay in March 2015

  • Comprehensive 3-day K9 Nose Work® training seminar presented by Jill Marie O'Brien (USA), co-founder of the American National Association of Canine Scent Work LLC® (NASCWTM) in May 2014

I practice Canine Nose Work extensively with my own two dogs and continuously further my nose work knowledge and skills through training DVDs and instructional books.


Nose work practice

Watch short videos of Canine Nose Work practice sessions.

Odour - developing a focused response

Nose work trials

Watch short videos of trials in New Zealand