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Introduction to mushing - workshop

Find out everything you need to know before you hook up your dog to your bike or scooter. Learn how to train your dog and how to keep your dog and yourself safe. Go for a short trial run with your dog on a scooter and a bike.


Date: Saturday 25 June 2016
Time: 9 am – 1 pm
Location: 321 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei (in the Whangarei Treatment Providers building – parking out the front and back) and Barge Park
Cost: $45 per person

If your dog loves to run, if you can't walk him enough, if he pulls your arm off, if driving to the dog park each night is difficult, try ‘mushing’ type of activities such as scootering, bikejoring, or canicross, and, if you can get to some snow in winter, even skijoring or dogsledding. The workshop covers

  • Why teach your dog to pull a bike or scooter?
  • Different mushing options – which suits you best?
  • Can my dog mush?
  • Gear you need and how to use it
  • Training: Skills and commands your dog should know
  • Conditioning
  • Dog health and safety
  • Human health and safety
  • Things to do and watch out for when running
  • Assisted practice run

What you need to bring: You will receive more information upon registration

Contact: For more information, contact Angelika on 021 268 5949 or email [email protected]